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    The elegant collection of Despiro exterior doors is an attractive offer for the most demanding customers, who appreciate modernity not only in terms of technology but also aesthetics. The combination of beauty and durability in one element of the door joinery, which cannot be passed indifferently.


    • doors based on the MB-86 system,
    • width - 77 mm - flush frame and panel glued to the sash,
    • maximum construction dimensions - 1.4 x 2.6 m,
    • 4 variants of aluminium profile insulation: ST, SI, SI+ and AERO,
    • the perfectly flat surface of the aluminium part,
    • 2 types of bottom sealing,
    • standard glazing made with 2-chamber glass,
    • Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation,
    • external elements coated with a layer of epoxy resin lacquers,
    • doors available with or without a threshold,
    • possibility to be equipped with side screens,
    • Sash profile adapted to be combined with flush fillings with the frame surface,
    • Siegenia Axxent hidden hinges as standard.

    Design and parameters

    The technology of the Despiro aluminium door construction allowed to achieve a uniform surface effect. The sash has been hidden here behind decorative panels. We have a wide range of panel designs - with glazing, stainless steel applications or a decorative cutter.

    As standard, we offer doors in Exclusive version. Double-sided flush panels are 77 mm thick and have a very good thermal transmittance coefficient (Ud = 0.61 W/m2K).

    External elements of the door are covered with a layer of special lacquers containing epoxy resins, they do not require any additional maintenance. Doors from the line are made in a threshold or non-threshold system and thus adjusted to the needs of users. The doors can be equipped with fixed, side screens. This solution is particularly recommended for dark rooms without access to natural light.

    As standard, all Despiro doors are equipped with Siegenia Axxent hidden hinges, which give the structure a subtle elegance and optical lightness. Although the hinges are completely invisible when the sash is closed, they are extremely durable (load capacity up to 120 kg). An additional advantage of this solution is comfortable 3D regulation.


    We offer handles made of high-quality stainless steel - available in many sizes and shapes.

    Depending on the customer's preferences, they can be made with transparent glass, motif pane or ornaments. We offer ornaments in the most popular patterns:

    We also recommend access control elements from our offer. Optionally, Despiro doors can be equipped with a numeric keypad, fingerprint reader, Bluetooth module or magnetic code card reader.

    The Bluetooth module enables opening the door with a mobile phone equipped with this function. The unit stores the data of up to 6 mobile phones. The internal card reader is used to open the door with a proximity card.

    The solutions are practical and provide the highest level of security. Dedicated to installation in both residential and public buildings.

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