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    AERECO AMO 103 - pressure + hood AB

    AERECO AMO 103

    Diffusers are fixed at a height above 2 m above the floor (usually in the upper window frame), the fresh air flowing into the interior is heated by warm air masses in the apartment. Ventilation gaps are so small that they do not let in sound. They can have a constant cross-section, giving regular air exchange. This is due to the fact that its access through ventilators is dependent on the difference in pressure outside and inside the house. You can also choose window diffusers with control, in which a damper allows you to dose the amount of air you admit.

    how it works?

    When the diffuser shutter is set to the open position, the air supply depends on the pressure difference inside and outside the room. As the pressure difference increases, the air flow increases. The air flow reaches up to 30 m3/h at a negative pressure of 10 Pa. After exceeding the maximum value, the wings placed inside the diffuser deviate, limiting the amount of supplied air. When the shutter is set in the closed position, the diffuser supplies the minimum amount of air.

    External air flowing through the ventilator is directed upwards, above the occupied zone, which prevents draughts and the feeling of discomfort for users.


    Air flow (min-max) przy 10 Pa: 6-30 m3/h
    Soundproofing: 32 dB (A)
    Dimensions: 390 x 25 x 27 mm

    Shipping time: 20 days


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