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    AERECO AMO 707

    hygrocontrolled + AB hood

    Window vents EMM hygroste controlled, two-stream - automatically controlled, designed for installation in PVC, wooden and aluminium windows.

    EMM hygrost controlled diffusers are controlled automatically. The air flow rate depends on the water vapour content (relative humidity) inside the room. The control sensor is a polyamide tape which, under the influence of changes in relative humidity in the air, changes its length, which causes a bigger or smaller opening of the throttle and thus bringing more or less airflow to the room.
    Hygrosterised air vents operate in the range from 35 to 70% of relative humidity. If the humidity in the room is lower or equal to 35%, the air inlet is closed and a minimum air stream is supplied to the room. As the humidity increases, the air inlet opens and at 70% or more of the relative humidity the maximum efficiency is achieved.
    Hygrost controlled ventilators are designed in such a way that the outside air does not come into direct contact with the sensor. This allows the conditions indoors, not outdoors, to be analysed.


    Air flow (min-max) by 10 Pa: 5-29 m3/h
    Soundproofing: 32 dB (A)
    Dimensions: 402 x 27 x 45 mm

    Installation possible on PVC, wooden and aluminium windows;
    Possibility of choosing an acoustic or flat hood for the roller blind;
    Two-stage airflow control;
    It has protection against insects;

    Shipping time: 20 days


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