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    AERECO EXR 306 - Hygrosterotrolled with acoustic attenuation + AB hood

    Hygrosterotrolled with acoustic attenuation + AB hood

    EXR hygrost controlled diffusers are controlled automatically. The air flow rate depends on the water vapour content (relative humidity) inside the room. The control sensor is a polyamide tape which, under the influence of changes in relative humidity in the air, changes its length, which causes a bigger or smaller opening of the throttle and thus bringing more or less airflow to the room.
    Hygrosterised air vents operate in the range from 35 to 70% of relative humidity. If the humidity in the room is lower or equal to 35%, the air inlet is closed and a minimum air stream is supplied to the room. As the humidity increases, the air inlet opens and at 70% or more of the relative humidity the maximum efficiency is achieved.
    Hygrost controlled ventilators are designed in such a way that the outside air does not come into direct contact with the sensor. This allows the conditions indoors, not outdoors, to be analysed.
    A hygrocontrolled air inlet operates without human intervention and does not require electricity.

    Manual closing and full opening function of the EXR diffuser: When the lock is set to the open position, the damper changes its position according to the relative humidity in the room. The air flow rate is between 7 and 30 m³/h. When the damper is in the closed position (flap up), the damper is set to the minimum flow rate, the diffuser delivers up to 7m³/h at 10 Pa.


    Air flow (min-max) by 10 Pa: 7-30 m3/h
    Soundprofing: 35 dB (A)
    Dimensions: 423x59x54 mm

    Shipping time: 20 days


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