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    Antisol pane for single-chamber (double-glazed) windows

    Antisol pane for single-chamber (double-glazed) windows

    The price is counted per m2 of pane.

    Depending on the choice and application, the glazing is installed on the outside of the glazing unit, or on both sides of the unit. These variants of glazing are installed only in single-chamber (double-glazed) windows, in a 24 mm wide package.

    Absorption glazing

    They absorb the energy of solar radiation and are designed to protect rooms from excessive heat. They are made of tinted float glass. Depending on the thickness and colour of the glass, the light transmission decreases to 32-72%. Absorbent glass is tinted in the mass during the smelting process in the smelter. The colouring of blue, brown, graphite or green causes strong absorption of an appropriate part of the spectrum. Due to the phenomenon of absorption, such glass heats up strongly, absorbing about 50% of the solar radiation energy, and then dissipates the energy, directing it out again. They are used as an outer pane in a set of glazing units.

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