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    BECLEVER - imposed, external shutter


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    The structure of the box allows for installation without built-in, with the partial or complete installation. Service access is possible from the bottom of the box (inside the room).

    The boxes and rails are made of high-quality uPVC. Internal insulation of the box significantly increases its thermal insulation. The roller shutter box is put on the window, apart from mounting it is an integral part of the building's facade. Elements of the system do not interfere with the construction of the window, door and lintel. By using steel reinforcements of the side and bottom mounting anchors, the box has high stability even at considerable widths.

    Roller shutter profiles made of aluminum are painted twice and the foam filling has an impact on increased thermal and sound insulation.

    Usage and description of the operation

    Intended for new buildings and renovations. The decision to use roller shutters in new buildings is best made at the stage of the house design.


    Roller shutters can be controlled manually or electrically.

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