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    BFX 1000 - underfelt collar and transverse drainage gutter 

    BFX 1000 - underfelt collar and transverse drainage gutter 

    Roof pitch: 15° – 90°

    Around the window BFX moisture-proofing insulation

    • Suitable for all roof constructions
    • For a tight connection between windows and moisture-proofing (roofing felt or foil)
    • Thanks to its design, it allows for installation on roof battens - without the need to remove them
    • Allows you to place an additional insulation layer between the roof battens
    • The upper part of the BFX insulation should be placed under the drainage gutter
    • Easy and tight installation thanks to the new butyl glue layer, allowing BFX to be attached to the window frame
    • New, profiled corners enable fast and tight insulation in the corners of the frame
    • Material: three-layer polypropylene non-woven fabric

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    Shipping time: 20 days


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