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    CVP 0673QV - window for flat roof, electrical open, anti-burglary glass P4A

    CVP 0673QV - window for flat roof, electrical open, anti-burglary glass P4A

    The window in the pictures is equipped with a spherical glass module (at an extra charge).

    Uw 0,80 W/m²K

    Rw 36 (-1;-4) 

    Electrically approx. 20 cm (opening angle width)

    • Natural light illumination
    • Fresh air supply
    • Unique room aesthetics


    The complete product consists of a window for a flat roof combined with a glass module or dome. The possibility to choose the optimal solution allows to meet all expectations regarding natural light, ventilation or privacy. Special products such as a hatch, smoke vent or manual opening window can only be equipped with VELUX domes.

    Advantages of windows

    • Sunlight and fresh air go straight into the central areas of the house
    • Excellent insulation performance thanks to innovative window design U from 0.72 W/m²K according to EN 1873 standard
    • Energy-efficient glazing package and any external component provide excellent sound insulation, up to 37 dB
    • Electric CVP and unopened CFP windows are offered in two variants:
      - 73U made of glass pane of burglary resistance class P2A
      - 73Q with a glass pane of burglar resistance class P4A
    • Wide range of decorative and sunscreen products available
    • 10 year warranty

    Windows for VELUX flat roofs with spherical glass module

    The spherical glass module for flat roof windows is made with unique CurveTech technology. Curved, scratch-resistant glass effectively removes water, leaves and other impurities that accumulate on the glass. In this way, the window brings even more light into the room and provides an excellent view to the outside. On the roof side, the spherical glass module looks very modern and elegant, making it ideal for green roofs.

    Roof pitch

    Use of skylight for flat roofs 0° - 15°.


    • Spherical or flat glass module or classic dome protects window from snow and rain
    • Energy-saving, double-glazing with safety glass on the inside
    • The rain sensor closes the window automatically during rainfall
    • Frame and sash made of multi-chamber hard PVC profile, with chambers filled with highly insulating polystyrene

    Flat roof windows:

    VELUX flat roof windows allow to illuminate rooms with natural light, offering the highest quality, thermal insulation and exceptional aesthetics. The complete product consists of a window and an external element, available in three variants: dome, flat glass module and a unique spherical glass module.

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