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    EDT 0000 - for the installation of windows in flat tile roofing

    Sealing flange EDT - ideal solution for the installation of windows in flat tile roofing

    The EDT flange is a welcome answer for the most demanding customers who plan to install their roof windows in a flat tile roof. The solution, thanks to its construction, ensures a high level of investor satisfaction. The lower part of the flashing, which is a flat element, has been specially prepared so that the windows will blend in beautifully with the roof. For roofers, on the other hand, the new flashing means a durable, safe and systemic installation of roof windows.

    flat under-window module provides the highest level of aesthetics
    Compatibility with the BDX warm installation system
    installation according to VELUX installation recommendations
    wide range of applications and possibility of installation to various producers of flat tiles with a height from 15 to 40 mm
    installation in a roof with a 20°-90° pitch
    Wide range of sizes available
    single version as well as combo version for joining windows into sets

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    Shipping time: 20 days


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