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    EES M08 0000 - flat sealing flashing, made of aluminum, for roof terrace - GEL

    445.00 PLN

    EES M08 0000 - flat sealing flashing, made of aluminum, for roof terrace - GEL

    Roof pitch: 35° – 53°


    For the installation of a single balcony element in the roof, consisting of 1 top element and 1 bottom element you need:

    • 1 single sealing flashing for the balcony in the roof to connect the elements to the roof and to connect the elements to each other
    • 1 fastening of the EEX M35 (CLICK HERE) railing to the entire balcony in the roof

      Sealing flashings of this type differ from all other sealing flashings in that the side parts are not uniform, but consist of 3 sliding elements.

      What is the flashing for?

      It's necessary to choose a sealing flashing for the windows, which is a necessary element during the installation of roof window. The flashing is selected depending on the covering and the roof pitch. The flashing is used to seal the window, drain water and snow, beyond its outline.

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      Shipping time: 20 days


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