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    EFS 0022E - flat sealing flashing, made of aluminum, two sets alongside each other, for combi sets with VFE, VFA, VFB, VIU windows

    EFS 0022E - flat sealing flashing, made of aluminum, two sets alongside each other, for combi sets with VFE, VFA, VFB, VIU windows

    Roof pitch: 15°–55°

    The kit includes:

    • top and two side parts of the sealing flashing
    • two extension parts for the sealing flashing
    • two parts covering the wind brace (wind brace finish)
    • one common rain gutter for drainage of water flowing down the roof window
    • metal cladding


    For installation of VELUX windows with additional elements VFE, VFA, VFB, VIU.
    With a distance between the windows of 10 cm next to each other.

    • a common drainage gutter is placed between the roof windows and the VFE sloping-vertical windows
    • flashing side parts, that are sealing side parts of roof windows 
    • additional metal cladding, that is sealing the centre of the kit
    • upper part of the sealing flashing at the top
    • sealing flashing extension parts at the bottom
    • wind brace finish

    It's necessary to choose a sealing flashing for window, which is an essential element when you install the window. The flashing is selected depending on the roofing (e.g. roof tile type, thatch tile, steel tile, shingle, roofing felt etc.) and roof pitch. Flashing is used to seal the window and drain water and snow beyond its outline.In case of installing the windows without standard flashing, it's necessary to order the ZWC flashing.

    Assortment of VELUX sealing flashings

    • 7 types of sealing flashings for corrugated and flat coverings
    • Standard made of aluminum
    • On request, it's possible to purchase flashings made of titanium-zinc sheet and copper (elements of copper flashings are made of copper with the exception of the lower profiled part, made of lead in grey colour)

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