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    uPVC entrance doors are available in systems: 

    • panels made of HPL or aluminium sheet,
    • two versions of the filling: CLASSIC (XPS extruded polystyrene) and PLUS (polyurethane foam and plywood),
    • available thicknesses: 24, 36 or 48mm,
    • HPL doors are veneered,
    • Aluminium doors are lacquered,
    • for 24mm filling - glazing with safety glass from outside,
    • for 32 mm and 48 mm fillings - safety glass glazing on both sides,
    • minimum/maximum dimensions depending on model and base material,
    • Choice of decorations: flush stainless steel applications, corrugated panels.

      Veneers from the colour palette are available for HPL panels:

      Aluplast - link

      We give our customers a choice of three-panel thicknesses:

      48 mm.
      Panels can be made of HPL board. The filling is available in two variants:

      Filling Plus

      thickness 24 mm (2/6/8/6/2) (HPL board aluminium/plywood/polyurethane foam/plywood/ HPL board),
      thickness 36 mm (2/6/20/6/2) (HPL board/plywood/polyurethane foam/plywood/ HPL board),
      48 mm thick (2/6/32/6/2) (HPL board/plywood/polyurethane foam/plywood/ HPL board).

      Classic filling

      Thickness 24 mm (2/20/2) (HPL/Polystyrene extruded XPS/ HPL),
      Thickness 36 mm (2/32/2) (HPL/Polystyrene extruded XPS/Polystyrene board),
      48 mm (2/44/2) thick (HPL/Polystyrene extruded XPS/Polystyrene HPL).

      Shipping time: 20 days


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