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    EKZ 0002E - combi flashing, profiled, made of aluminum, middle element

    EKZ 0002E - combi flashing, profiled, made of aluminum, middle element

    For profiled roofing with a profile height of up to 45 mm.

    Exemplary roofing: ceramic tile, concrete tile, metal roofing tile.

    Roof pitch: 20 – 90°

    What is the flashing for?

    It's necessary to choose a sealing flashing for the windows, which is a necessary element during the installation of roof window. The flashing is selected depending on the covering and the roof pitch. The flashing is used to seal the window, drain water and snow, beyond its outline.

    For use in:

    GZL, GZL B, GLL, GLL B, GLU, GPL, GPU, GGL, GGU, GTL, GXL – for the installation of any number of VELUX windows.

    Side by side: the distance between the frames in clearance "a" is 10, 12, 14 or 16 cm, flashings available at the same price.


    • The position of the elements is always determined from the outside,
    • All the windows placed next to each other must be of the same length,
    • All the windows placed above each other must be of the same width.

    The new recommended standard of combi flashings with a=12cm spacing allows for comfortable installation of BDX insulation frames for the most common rafter thicknesses.

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    Shipping time: 20 days


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