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    Facade blinds Roka Top 2 Shadow

    272.00 PLN

    The combination of a Neopor®/Styropor® thermal insulator with tightly-fitting structural joints provides excellent protection against sunlight, wind and moisture. The additional bracing, including stiffening consoles embedded in the foam, window braces and revised and innovative fasteners, ensures a structure that remains permanently attached to the window and wall. It can be perfectly harmonized with any type of wall finish (render, WDVS, or clinker brick).

    By choosing Roka-Top 2 Shadow EX, you also benefit from the extremely quick and simple installation.

    The EX version significantly facilitates box installation on the window. The box is connected along its entire length using the window profile. In this way, an airtight connection is formed, which ensures structural security as well as high thermal insulation and acoustic performance levels.


    • Guide rails: aluminium,
    • Installation anchor bolts,
    • Weather-resistant,
    • Sound-proof (liner in the box),
    • Thermal insulation (liner in the box).

    Blind overall height (w/box) [mm]

      Shipping time: 20 days


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