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    GGL 307040 - wooden, smoke ventilation window, top opening, double glazed, energy-saving pane, toughened and laminated glass P2A, Uw = 1,3

    GGL 307040 - wooden, smoke ventilation window, top opening, double glazed, energy-saving pane, toughened and laminated glass P2A, Uw = 1,3

    The windows are marked by VELUX as Premium Class.

    Full description of the technical parameters of the windows - CLICK HERE

    Smoke dampers

    They are designed to remove smoke and heat from a burning building, keeping escape and fire routes open. They are usually used in public places, such as staircases or connections of residential building wings, as well as in industrial and office spaces.

    VELUX smoke ventilation windows are CE marked, which guarantees their compliance with the EN 12101-2 standard for smoke and heat extraction flaps.

    This means that windows equipped with a wind deflector have been tested paying special attention to:

    • Window operating reliability, including general daily ventilation function
    • Aerodynamically efficient opening area, which defines the smoke and heat exhaust ventilation indicator
    • Correct opening of snow-loaded windows
    • Stability and performance of the window even when exposed to wind suction
    • System reliability at low temperatures during the winter
    • Resistance of the window to high temperature caused by fire

    The smoke extraction system activates a powerful electric chain drive that automatically opens the sash of the pivot window up to an angle of 90 degrees to the frame. This enables maximum smoke and heat dispersion from escape and fire routes.

    Standard installation

    The VELUX smoke ventilation window can be installed in roofs with a 15-90° pitch. The small size 24 V DC smoke ventilation motor, 1.8 A, is factory-fitted.
    to the window sash, making it invisible when the window is closed. Two easy to install and practically invisible gas cylinders provide stability and make it easy and fast


    The VELUX smoke and heat extraction system complies with the regulations on building smoke ventilation. The system consists of an electrically controlled VELUX rotating window with gas cylinders to assist opening and a factory-fitted smoke ventilation drive. Depending on requirements, the smoke ventilation window can be installed with or without a wind deflector.

    The required size of the smoke and heat extraction ventilation area depends on the design of the building and its purpose. VELUX smoke ventilation windows are available in different sizes to suit practically any solution. Like other VELUX windows, the smoke extraction system will provide to residents and other users of the building additional sunlight and fresh air. Additional advantages are: aesthetic appearance, attractive finish and long-term reliable operation.

    2 system solutions

    Smoke ventilation windows must be installed together with wind deflectors if the requirements apply to aerodynamically active surfaces.

    Smoke extraction windows without wind deflectors must be used if the requirements only apply to the geometric surface.

    The smoke extraction system consists of:

    The basic element of the system is the VELUX smoke ventilation window. The windows are available with standard NCS S 7500-N aluminium cladding and safety glass -70.
    On special request, the windows are available with copper or zinc titanium cladding, and energy-saving two-chamber glass -66.

    It's necessary to choose a sealing flashing for window, which is an essential element when you install the window. The flashing is selected depending on the roofing (e.g. roof tile type, thatch tile, steel tile, shingle, roofing felt etc.) and roof pitch. Flashing is used to seal the window and drain water and snow beyond its outline.

    In case of installing the windows without standard flashing, it's necessary to order the ZWC flashing.

    Full description of the technical parameters of the windows - CLICK HERE

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