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    Glazing muntin bars


    The muntin bars give the windows an elegant and unique character, and in some cases are an indispensable decorative element referring to the old architectural style.

    In our offer you can find both interior glazing muntin bars, glued on the pane, and the so-called duplex. Each type offered is available in several widths and many colours.

    The inside muntin bars are placed between the glass panes. They are an alternative to glued-on muntin bars. They not only increase the aesthetic value of the window but also make it easier to keep it clean. The glass surface from the outside is not divided by anything.

    The inside pane muntin bar in a rectangular form is usually used as a Viennese type blind muntin bar. It is made of raw material compatible with the used spacing frame, thanks to which there is complete colour and material compatibility. With the use of this type of muntin bars, together with the external glued-in muntin bars, it is possible to create a full Viennese muntin bar, the so-called duplex.

    Glazing muntin bars

    Made of aluminium. They are located inside the package
    of the shaft. They are available in widths: 8 mm, 18 mm, 26 mm or 45 mm.


    The price indicated is per field (perpendicular connection), and in the case of painted muntin bars per linear meter.

    Other connections, such as perpendicular, the price of field x2.

    They are only available in the above mentioned widths.

    Standard colours of veneer muntin bars: 18 mm, 26 mm; Golden Oak, Nut, Mahogany, Swamp Oak, Anthracite.

    Shipping time: 20 days


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