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    GLU S20001 - INTEGRA® Comfort Package (GLU 0051 + KMG 100K) - wooden-polyurethane, top opening, double glazed, energy-saving pane, toughened glass, Uw = 1,3

    GLU S20001 - INTEGRA® Comfort Package (GLU 0051 + KMG 100K) - wooden-polyurethane, top opening, double glazed, energy-saving pane, toughened glass, Uw = 1,3


    • Roof window GLU 0051 electrically controlled with the INTEGRA® Comfort Package
    • V22 window motor KMG 100K
    • Multi-functional controller KUX 110

    The windows are marked by VELUX with the Standard class.

    Full description of the technical parameters of the windows - CLICK HERE

    It's necessary to choose a sealing flashing for window, which is an essential element when you install the roof window. The flashing is selected depending on the roofing (e.g. roof tile type, thatch tile, steel tile, shingle, roofing felt etc.) and roof pitch. Flashing is used to seal the window and drain water and snow beyond its outline.

    In case of installing the windows without standard flashing, it's necessary to order the ZWC flashing.

    In addition, you can choose accessories such as:

    • The VELUX INTEGRA® system is an electric control of roof windows, decorative and sun protection accessories, external blinds. The system can be powered by electricity through a controller with 24V DC voltage and from batteries powered by photovoltaic cells. The system also includes many elements of additional equipment.
    • Type of panes
    • Insulation products
    • Blinds
    • Awnings
    • Windows mosquito nets
    • Motors and electric controls

      Full description of the technical parameters of the windows - CLICK HERE

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