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    GXU 0070 – wooden-polyurethane, side-hung rooflight (hatch), energy-saving pane, toughened and laminated glass P2A, Uw = 1,3

    GXL 0070 – wooden-polyurethane, side-hung rooflight (hatch), energy-saving pane, toughened and laminated glass P2A, Uw = 1,3

    The attic window and the roof hatch at once, made of glued laminated wood, equipped with a ventilation flap.

    The windows are marked by VELUX as Premium Class.

    Roof pitch: 15° – 85°

    Window with energy-saving, toughened and laminated glass P2A, Uw = 1,3


    • Material, quality and ventilation as in GGL/GGU window.
    • Opening and closing with a handle mounted on the side of the window sash.
    • Can be set to open to the right or left side
    • Safety glass P2A as standard
    • Easy opening supported by a gas cylinder mounted in the upper part of the window
    • Outlet opening approx. 53 x 108 cm (FK06) or approx. 43 x 108 cm (CK06)

    NOTE: External roller blinds, awnings and electrical systems cannot be used.

    It's necessary to choose a sealing flashing for window, which is an essential element when you install the window. The flashing is selected depending on the roofing (e.g. roof tile type, thatch tile, steel tile, shingle, roofing felt etc.) and roof pitch. Flashing is used to seal the window and drain water and snow beyond its outline.

    In case of installing the windows without standard flashing, it's necessary to order the ZWC flashing.

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