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    Industrial Gateways - MakroPro, MakroPro Alu

    Industrial Gateways

    MakroPro & MakroPro Alu

    Garage doors are a personalized product subject to individual quotation

    Intended purpose

    The industrial sectional door is designed for use in buildings: residential, public utility, industrial plants, including food industry (without direct contact with food) and collective garages. The gate consists of made of vertical and/or horizontal overhead guides, leaf made of aluminum panels without thermal break with lower steel panel (standard).
    The structure is made of galvanized elements. The door is sealed around the entire perimeter.
    To balance the weight of the door leaf, a safe system of torsion springs is used.

    Constructional features

    • door leaf made of 40 mm or 60 mm steel panels filled with CFC-free polyurethane foam
    • construction from galvanised steel elements
    • the door leaf moves along vertical and horizontal overhead rails
    • door sealed all around
    • in the lower panel, a gasket is installed close to the ground
    • sealing between the upper panel and the lintel is provided by a gasket fitted to the upper panel or fixed to the lintel
    • the panels are equipped with a shape protection to prevent fingers from being trapped and seals at the point of contact between the two panels
    • sectional doors available in manual and automatic versions
    • different driving systems

      Steering type

      STL standard steering

      LH Low steering, torsion springs at the rear

      LHp Low steering, torsion springs at the front

      HL High steering

      VL Vertical steering

      STLK Standard steering with an angle

      HLK High steering with an angle

      LHK Low steering with an angle, torsion springs at the rear

      Specify dimensions:

      • Hole width (mm)
      • Hole height (mm)
      • Lintel height ("N")
      • Minimal side space required ("W1, W2")
      • Minimum garage depth with free space under the ceiling ("E")

      Panel pattern

      Choose color

      Any color from the RAL palette

      Shipping time: 20 days


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