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    KUX 110 EU - VELUX INTEGRA® universal electric controller (KUX 110)

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    KUX 110 EU - VELUX INTEGRA® universal electric controller (KUX 110)

    KUX 110 - important informations:

    • The KUX 110 can handle up to five different VELUX products
    • It can control up to three products on one window:
      - external roller blind or sun awning
      - interior blinds
      - motor for opening the window
    • The minimum number of controllers per product group is the number of electrically controlled products divided by 5 (such a choice is the cheapest option, but not the most optimal one)
    • All electrical products are supplied with a dedicated KLI wall-mounted keyboard

    When selecting the amount of KUX 110 controllers for optimal and comfortable use of electrical products must be taken into consideration:

    • Number of all electrically controlled products
    • Room arrangement of particular products (selection of optimal control of particular products)
    • Product placement on specific windows
    • The size of the house, which means the distance between the controllers and the products, as this affects the selection of cable cross sections:
      - 0-20 m 2x0.75 mm2
      - 20-50 m 2x1.5 mm2
      - The length of all cables connecting products with
      The controller must not exceed 50 m.

    • For remote operation of up to 5 VELUX INTEGRA® units
    • The maximum total length of the connection cables is 20 m (cable 2 x 0.75 mm2) or 50 m (cable 2 x 1.5 mm2).

    Consists of:

    • Control unit size 94 x 94 x 44 mm with 230V power supply cable, plug and mounting bracket
    • 2 AAA (1.5 V) alkaline batteries
    • Connection cable 8 m (2 x 0.75 mm2 ) including connection block

    The controller is also used to control electric blinds.

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