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    low aluminium threshold

    246.00 PLN

    low aluminium threshold

    We talk about a low threshold when it's under 20mm high.
    A low threshold looks good and is practical. However, it also has its drawbacks; it does not insulate as well from external conditions as a higher threshold, you also have to remember in winter to shake snow on the outside, near the threshold (freezing the door, can affect the life of the seals and ensure the tightness of the window). The use of a low threshold, it is good to plan at the design stage so that the selection in the floor is adapted to its installation. Also take into account the slope of the floor outside the window (so that water does not accumulate in the area around the window), the installation of drainage grilles can help here. A low threshold can be used for Tilt&Turn, Folding, Sliding, Tilt&Slide doors.

    It is a perfect addition to balcony doors. Unfortunately, it is not possible to use it in PSK sliding doors.

    The surcharge to such a threshold is about EUR 55 per linear metre.

    Shipping time: 20 days


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