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    LSD 200 - Interior lining

    LSD 200 - Interior lining

    Internal window linings are adapted to VELUX windows, providing an aesthetic finish on the room side and an attractive appearance.

    What is the window niche for?

    For use with a roof structure thickness of 17 to 33/43/53 cm (LSB/LSC/LSD). Used to connect VELUX attic windows with the internal slanted roof slope.

    Roof pitch angle:
    15° - 90°
    (for angles 15°-25° and 65°-90°.
    The upper and lower elements are slightly deviated from the level/foam).

    D - thickness of the roof structure measured from the top surface of the roof batten to the inner surface of the roof finish.

    Maximum thickness of the roof structure:
    LSB: 33 cm
    LSC: 43 cm
    LSD: 53 cm


    • Specially shaped, curved elements provide a perfect connection to the roof window and more space for thermal insulation
    • Standard equipped with damp-proofing
    • Provide maximum light access
    • Prefabricated components for fast assembly
    • Easy surface cleaning


    • Bent elements above and below the window provide more space for thermal insulation at the connection between the window and the roof
    • Protection against the harmful effects of condensation 
    • VELUX internal window recesses are supplied as standard with vapour barrier films. This ensures a permanent connection and cooperation of the roof and window vapour barrier.
    • The interior finish above the window is horizontal, while the sub-window element is vertical, which provides better access to light than the finish box-type
    • Almost all VELUX window recess elements, such as the top element, the vertical window element or the cover strips, have aesthetic curves.
    • All elements are joined together without visible screw joints.
    • The masking strips are cut in the corners at the right angle.
    • The elements of the internal window cavity are optimally matched to all other VELUX products, ensuring that they are perfectly combined when installing the window
    • All VELUX window cavity elements are prefabricated to a maximum extent. There is no need to purchase other additional materials such as paints or adhesives.
    • Aesthetic white cavity elements in the color NCS S 0500-N are made of 10 mm thick foamed PVC. 
    • Cover strips are made of double-layered PVC.
    • The main/base layer is made of PVC reinforced with organic fibres, while the outer layer is 0.5 mm thick PVC in white.

    Shipping time: 20 days


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