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    Blockprofile NL

    For whom?

    The windows made in the Blockprofile NL system are suitable for installation in both newly built and renovated buildings. Wide frames, equipped with external buttresses, enable an easy and aesthetic way of window installation in buildings made of face brick (clinker) without additional masonry treatment. Large steel reinforcements in the frame allow the construction of large structures while maintaining appropriate static parameters.

    Constructional features

    The BLOCKPROFILE NL system is used to build "Dutch" windows. The Blockprofile systems are distinguished by the use of 120 mm wide frames, which can be combined with various sash variants (non-faced, half-faced and flush) of 70 mm width. Large steel reinforcements enable the construction of large windows, while maintaining static requirements. Very wide frames, equipped with aluplast_okno_blockprofil_NLw external buttresses enable easy and aesthetic installation of windows in a building made of face brick (clinker) without additional bricklaying.

    The system also includes profiles for the construction of outward opening windows and doors, placed in a single frame with fixed glass or opening inwards. An additional distinguishing feature of the Blockprofils NL system is the colour scheme. The profiles of this package, apart from the standard white colour (9016) and decorative veneer, are available in cream colour (9001) often required by customers.

    The safety of the windows is ensured by two anti-burglary catches per sash, pivots that make it difficult to break in with the pressure adjustment and a lock of incorrect handle position, which is integrated with the sash lifter. The above-mentioned elements are standardly installed in every Tilt&Turn window manufactured by us. Moreover, windows made on the basis of the Blockprofil NL system can be supplemented with a turn brake controlled by the handle or stepped tilt. Thanks to the latter solution, instead of one position, we obtain several positions of the tilted sash. To activate the mechanism, simply turn the handle upwards and then pull the sash away from the frame to the desired distance and lock it by turning the handle 45 degrees downwards. The fitting changes position and lets you tilt the window. To increase the comfort of use, the windows made in the Blockprofile NL system are equipped with micro ventilation in the corner (RU windows) as standard.

    For constructional reasons, traditional ventilators cannot be used in windows based on the Blockprofile NL system. Pane diffusers are recommended here. We recommend the following diffuser models: Renson THM 90 (for the 24 mm glazing package) and Renson AR 75 (for the 36 mm glazing package).

    Window ventilators work on the same principle as traditional ventilators, but their installation in the window does not require breaking the window frame. It is installed between the window sash and the pane, reducing its height. The length of the ventilator corresponds to the width of the glazing and at the ends there are elements allowing to regulate the air flow.

    Apart from that, Blockprofil NL windows, due to the fact that their sashes are based on the Ideal 4000 system, can be supplemented with all the accessories from our offer. A standard two-pane package can be replaced by a three-pane package. The windows can also be fitted with muntin bars, warm frames, mosquito nets and other accessories.

    Taking care of the safety of the windows, we recommend supplementing them with Hoppe Secustik handles with a key or an English handle with a TBT handle. Both solutions are particularly popular among parents. The lock located in the handle with the key is an effective protection against being opened by children. However, it should be remembered that the handle will completely block the possibility of opening the window. The English handle, on the other hand, will block the possibility of opening the window but will leave the possibility of tilting it.


    Class "B" profile,
    installation depth - 120 mm,
    the depth of the sash - 70 mm,
    3-chamber frame construction,
    5-chamber wing construction,
    standard blockade of incorrect handle position (RU window),
    two anti-burglary catches per wing as standard,
    micro ventilation as standard (RU window),
    a 2-seal system,
    on a white or cream core,
    possibility to be made in HFL technology,
    possibility of using a covered fitting,
    the central handle can be mounted,
    possibility of glazing in packages up to 42 mm wide,
    The standard glazing package is 4/16Ar/4th [Ug=1,1]*.

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