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    BluEvolution 82

    For whom?

    Optimal combination of innovative technology and the best thermal protection parameters specific for energy-efficient construction.

    Constructional features

    Windows made in the BluEvolution 82 system are already equipped with a two-chamber warm glass unit with a very low thermal insulation coefficient. A huge advantage are the profiles themselves, which are not only made of high quality PVC, but above all, they are an excellent thermal insulator, which is guaranteed by the six-chamber profile construction and triple sealing system. The installation depth of 82 mm allows for glazing packages up to 53 mm wide. Thus, you can successfully reach for a two-chamber glazing package. If we also complete the window with a warm distance frame, we can obtain thermal permeability parameters corresponding to those of energy-saving windows.

    Warm frames are made of complex insulation material. They improve the insulation of glazing and reduce the risk of temporary condensation. Moreover, warm frames are a guarantee of long-term tightness of glazing units and maximization of thermal energy loss savings.

    In order to increase the thermal comfort in the interiors of the window even more, it is possible to equip it with selective coated glass panes. This is an innovative solution. The glazing transmits much less solar energy, thanks to which it is easy to maintain a pleasant temperature in the rooms in summer and to reduce expenses related to air conditioning.


    The depth of the windows made on the basis of BluEvolution 82 system and solid steel reinforcement make us able to make even the largest constructions while maintaining the highest safety standards. The profiles have additional stiffening in the form of ribs, which are located in the profile chambers.

    However, window safety depends on many factors. One of the most important is undoubtedly the selection of a hardware suit. In the production of windows in the BluEvolution 82 system we use Multi-Matic fittings, the best solution from the offer of a recognized Austrian manufacturer - Maco company.

    Already as a standard, the windows are equipped with anti-burglary points, pivots that make it difficult to break in with adjustable pressure and a lock of incorrect handle position. An important role is also played here by the internal middle pressure. The pressure automatically adjusts to the clearance of the rebate. It ensures not only safety but also tightness and light functioning of window sashes.

    When choosing windows for single-family housing, it is also worth taking care that the window is properly protected against children. Our offer includes a brake in the handle, which allows you to stop the sash after opening in any position. An interesting proposal is also the so-called English resolution. This form of protection allows you to prevent the opening of the window at any time while making the tilt function available.


    Class "B" profile,
    6-chamber construction,
    Installation depth 82 mm,
    on the white, brown, caramel and anthracite core,
    as a standard, the handle (RU window) is locked incorrectly,
    Micro ventilation in a stay (RU windows) as standard,
    Fitting in standard equipped with 6 anti-burglary points,
    system equipped with 3 gaskets,
    The fittings work in the so-called dry chamber - which increases their service life,
    Glazing in packages up to 53 mm wide,
    The standard glazing package is 4th/18Ar/4/18Ar/4th [Ug=0,5]*,
    Available in a variant with a straight wing,
    Possibility of using aluminium caps,
    Recommended for energy-efficient construction.


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