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    Decalu 110 Steel

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    Aluminium windows made on the basis of the Decalu 110 Steel system from the outside are definitely distinguished by their appearance. They are characterised by a "steel look". Characteristically cut profiles refer with their appearance to steel joinery. Windows with very high technical parameters.

    Constructional features

    two gaskets,
    gaskets integrated into profiles,
    Folding frame and sash 83 mm,
    Uw= 0.9 W/m2K (with a two-chamber package),
    Uf from 0.81 W/m2K,
    maximum glazing thickness 71 mm,
    The standard glazing package is 4th/16/4/16/4th* ,
    possibility to create a window with a movable post,
    111.5 mm wide movable post,
    high water tightness parameters - 2400 Pa,
    dehydration down the frame,
    Patented drainage groove protection,
    invisible line of gaskets,
    system parameters confirmed by a certificate from the Building Research Institute.


    Windows based on the Decalu 110 Steel system are characterized by very good insulation parameters. The system has a thermal break. Its installation depth is as much as 110 mm and the maximum glazing thickness is 71 mm. This means that the sashes can be supplemented with thick glazing packages, which allow the window thermal transmittance coefficient of at least 0.9W/m2K to be obtained (using a two-chamber glazing package).

    The windows can be built on the basis of both fixed and movable posts. If we are talking about a movable post, it is worth mentioning that the narrowest post on the market, 111.5 mm wide, was used here. No other aluminium window system uses such a narrow post. The lowest one is also the folding of the frame with sash. It is only 83 mm, which means that the glazing area is much larger and the rooms are much better illuminated.

    For windows based on the Decalu 110 Steel system we recommend installing mounting bars, which in combination with the steel look of the frames give the building an interesting, slightly more industrial look. The windows look good also in sacral and historical buildings.


    The Decalu 110 Steel system represents the "steel look" style. Windows made with the use of this system to the illusion resemble aluminium joinery. The appearance is reminiscent of steel industrial frames from the turn of the 19th and 20th century. Only covered hinges are used in the system. Therefore, nothing will spoil the appearance of sharp shapes of the "steel look" idea. The trapezoidal frames are given slenderness by the unprecedented width of the folding frame and sash as well as the movable post. The folding width is only 83 mm and the width of the movable post is 111.5 mm.

    Windows made using the Decalu 110 Steel system are ideal for installation in flats or rooms arranged in a "loft" style. In such rooms the windows are the only decorative element, as they are free of any curtains or curtains. The structures provide the interior with the optimum amount of light and the steel visuals will fit very well into walls made of architectural concrete or bricks. It is worth mentioning that apart from hidden fittings, Decal 110 Steel windows have also hidden drainage.


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