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    Decalu 163 Slide

    For whom?

    The comfort of movement - very good insulation and elegant design. Lift and slide doors made with the Decalu 163 Slide system are ideal for homes and public institutions. It is a perfect way to light up rooms.

    Constructional features

    Decalu 163 Slide is a lift and slide system with narrow, aesthetic profiles and huge glass panes, which will perfectly illuminate the recreational areas of the interior. The system can be equipped with hardware that can carry a maximum leaf weight of 400 kilograms while providing the highest comfort of use.

    The system provides excellent opportunities. The structure can consist of up to six leaves and can even move on three tracks. It is worth mentioning that the profiles of the frames and leaves are slim and narrow, thanks to which the glazing surface is larger and the total visible width of the movable post is only 73 mm.

    An important element is also an additional seal system, which insulates the interior of buildings from external sounds and noises.


    • Window thermal transmittance U-value= 0,8W/m2*k
    • Installation depth: 163 mm,
    • maximum glazing thickness: 58 mm,
    • central post: 73 mm,
    • frame + leaf:100 mm (low threshold),
    • additional seal system,
    • maximum weight of the active leaf: 400 kg,
    • maximum leaf height:3.2 m,
    • maximum width of leaves up to 3.3 m,
    • structures consisting of up to six leaves may be created,
    • a low threshold can be installed,
    • the system is available in three options - with one, two and three tracks,
    • narrow profiles - larger glazing area,
    • profiles adapted to the installation of manually or automatically operated locking hardware.

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