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    EkoSun 70

    For whom?

    A system designed on the basis of proven construction solutions. It is the answer to the needs of all customers - it is stable, rigid, airtight and provides acoustic and thermal insulation at a very good level.

    The optimum combination of all these features responds to customer and market needs. Thus, Eko Sun 70 becomes an interesting proposition for every average family, for which both the price of the product and energy-saving aspects are equally important. The effectiveness of the solution makes the window unrivalled in its segment, the customer receives windows on a 6-chamber profile, which significantly affects the rigidity and energy efficiency of the product.

    Features of the model

    • 6-chamber construction,
    • installation depth 70 mm, on white, brown and caramel core,
    • system equipped with 2 gaskets,
    • handle misplacement blockade as standard (RU windows),
    • micro ventilation in stay (RU windows) as standard,
    • glazing packets up to the width of 45 mm,
    • standard glazing package is 4/16Ar/4th [Ug=1,1]*,
    • fitting equipped with two anti-burglary points per sash as a standard,
    • optionally available with Round-Line or Soft-Line sash,
    • concealed hinges may be used.

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