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    EkoSun HST

    For whom?

    EkoSun HST, i.e. Lift&Slide balcony door is a product which requires excellent technical and technological knowledge. HST balcony doors are a system designed primarily for investors who have specific expectations. They require high quality products in order to obtain a building that fully meets their expectations and wishes.

    EkoSun HST allows for the use of the widest and warmest glazing packages (up to 54 mm), which makes the windows made in this system have above-average thermal parameters. Larger glazed surfaces and a lower PVC profile improve the thermal performance of the windows.

    Constructional features

    EkoSun HST is a low profile, which ensures better illumination of the interior and improves its appearance.

    The unique construction of the EkoSun HST threshold and new special designed gaskets guarantee tightness. The EkoSun HST system is characterized by very good static properties.

    Thanks to very high rigidity, sashes up to 2.6 m high can be created. This system also allows for high loads (up to 400 kg), which makes it possible to install the warmest glazing packages.

    EkoSun HST sliding door system is an incredible convenience and possibilities of creating spacious, glazed structures. A low profile guarantees an adequate inflow of light and at the same time ensures water-tightness at the highest level. Thanks to the use of a low threshold, the EkoSun HST system enables creating barrier-free architecture.

    Opening Solutions

    The EkoSun HST door can be made in scheme A. The door consists of two wings, one of which is a running wing.


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