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    Genesis 75

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    Genesis is a window system designed to design structures meeting the highest thermal requirements. All thanks to the additional gasket, which together with the classic central gasket provides insulation at the highest level.

    Constructional features

    Genesis OUT

    The system is designed for designing outward opening and tilt windows. Genesis OUT is characterised by the flush internal surface of the frame and sash.

    Genesis OUT is designed for designing tilt and turn windows.
    The Genesis OUT system is fully compatible with the Genesis 75 window system (the same system elements: connectors, gaskets, glazing beads).
    Outward opening windows can be equipped with two types of hinges: pivot or scissor hinges.
    The fittings used to allow the sash to be tilted outwards from the bottom or top. It is possible to open the windows in the external direction using the opening limiter.
    It is possible to build the windows into the shop window by using a reversing profile.
    Maximum dimensions and weights of the structure in the system:
    - Tilt windows: minimum width and height of the sash 500 mm,
    maximum width and height of sash 2000 mm,
    and maximum sash weight of 100 kg for tilt windows;
    - Turn-Only windows: minimum sash width and height 500 mm,
    maximum sash width 1500 mm, sash height 3000 mm and maximum sash weight 120 kg for turn windows.
    Genesis OUT system is available in a version with increased thermal insulation: available options: GENESIS OUT i, GENESIS OUT i+

    Genesis IN

    three-chamber window and door system designed for the construction of windows with increased thermal insulation
    thermal parameters of Genesis 75 windows meet the requirements that will be valid from 2021 (Uw from 0.90)
    the basis of the Genesis 75 system is 75 mm deep frame sections
    a wide range of sections/profiles offered within the Genesis 75 system, enables the design of modern windows, doors and windows characterised by high functionality
    in the Genesis 75 system, modern insulation materials were used, which are currently a novelty on the market; apart from the classic central window gasket, an additional thermal seal was designed; thanks to this solution, very high window tightness was achieved (air infiltration, water tightness) as well as an innovative appearance and aesthetics
    in the system, a choice of different profile finishes is possible (also renovation profiles), giving the window structure an individual character
    the system also allows for a 90-degree all-glass corner connection
    the Genesis 75 window and door system sets a new standard of window insulation while maintaining the highest ergonomics of use and modern profile aesthetics
    available option Genesis OUT (Genesis OUT i, Genesis OUT i+) - windows opening outwards
    on the basis of the Genesis 75 door system, panel doors can also be made
    Genesis 75 is a system designed for designing window and door structures both in public buildings and in single or multi-family buildings.


    the system with thermal break,
    central sealing with an additional thermal seal,
    Frame depth - 75 mm,
    Sash depth - 84 mm,
    Glazing in packages from 9 to 65 mm,
    The standard glazing package is 4/16Ar/4th [Ug=1,1]*,
    three-chamber profile construction,
    Possibility of installing mosquito nets,
    possibility of creating two-colour structures,
    Thermal insulation - Uw from 0.90 W/m2K (insulation depends on the combination of layers and filling thickness),
    possibility of painting with RAL and DECORAL colours
    dedicated to both residential and public buildings,
    parameters confirmed by the IFT Rosenheim Institute.

    RAL Colors


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