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    HS Brügmann Salamander

    For whom?

    The high price of this solution is mentioned as a disadvantage of HS windows. It is much higher than in case of traditional balcony, terrace tilt windows. It is also higher than the prices of tilt and slide windows made in the PSK system.

    Constructional features

    HS is made of uPVC profiles. In this HS door model, one sash is always fixed, the other is sliding.

    HS Terrace Doors guarantee a comfortable transition from the rooms to the terrace, balcony or to the garden. Systemically designed profiles from Brügmann Salamander allow constructions up to 5 meters long. Large glazed the surfaces and wide door leaves ensure comfortable use.

    How it works?

    HS - Terrace doors of this type have a sliding sash and a fixed sash, which are shifted in relation to each other and are located parallel to each other. The HS window is opened by sliding the moving sash behind the fixed sash. The advantage here is that you do not need to use force for this purpose, because the moving sash moves on a rail hidden in the floor on special rollers and this movement is very smooth. The HS window is tilted by stopping the moving sash at any point and then lowering it with the handle.


    Lead free profiles are produced using zinc and calcium stabilizers.


    Large and specially profiled reinforcements inside the casement and thermostahl in the framework.


    Sealed glazing units (6 mm panes) with a width of 24 and 44 mm and Uw 1.1 W/m2K. 


    The Hautau system of fittings lift&slides casement (up to 300 kg) with a precision and smooth movement


    low aluminum threshold from Siegenia

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