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    HST 85 mm

    For whom?

    The ideal solution for those who want a comfortable connection between the interior and the terrace and a panoramic view achieved with a large glazed area. One of the best parameters in class of HST sliding systems (uPVC). Depends on the wished insulation level you are able to adjust it by choosing the appropriate threshold.

    Constructional features

    HST doors use special window fittings which ensure that the sashes move freely and without any resistance against each other or against unopened parts of the structure. In turn, the adequate tightness of the space between the moving sashes of HST doors when they remain closed is ensured by a special arrangement of overlapping strikers equipped with a system of butt joint gaskets. An additional advantage of HST Lift&Slide doors in shaping the usable and living space is the fact that, unlike conventionally opened balcony windows, they do not enter deep into the living space after opening, thus leaving more freedom in disposing of the space.

    HS is made of uPVC profiles. In this HS door model, one sash is always fixed, the other is sliding.

    Insulation level

    A new feature proposed by Aluplast is the modular character of the structure, which enables
    three arbitrary product configurations, depending on the expected thermal parameters. Thanks to freedom of choice of different profile combinations in the door lintel section and in the threshold section we can choose between three options:

    • Basic
    • Standard
    • Premium

    In combination with the possibility of using energy-saving glazing units with a width of up to 51 mm, it allows to achieve very high thermal insulation of the structure.

    Thanks to the freedom of choice of different profile combinations in the door lintel part and in the threshold part we can choose between three options: Basic, Standard and Premium, which are aimed at different groups of customers with different thermal insulation requirements.

    Threshold types

    Depending on the building requirements and customer expectations, three different threshold solutions can be used in the construction of aluplast HST 85 mm balcony doors.

    The threshold in the "Basic" version is made of aluminium with the exception of a small PVC-U element on the inside. The threshold in the "Standard" version has a similar construction, but the aluminium parts are separated by a polyamide thermal break. The threshold in the "Premium" version is made entirely of GRP. Additionally, all chambers of the threshold are filled with PU foam, which additionally increases the value of the element in terms of thermal transmittance, limiting the value of the linear thermal bridge within the construction threshold without any loss of its structural stiffness.

    Low threshold

    HST doors are a modern and safe solution, designed to eliminate omnipresent barriers. The low 48 mm high door threshold, which can be recessed from the side of the room in its full height, meets the requirements for buildings without architectural barriers and allows for trouble-free entry and exit. This also makes it possible to level the threshold with the floor surface and therefore eliminate architectural barriers completely. Specially shaped threshold feet can be combined with additional system profiles, such as extensions. At the same time, the variety of constructions means that they can be available in different versions and arrangements of movable sashes and non-opening parts, so that one, two or even four sashes can open independently of each other.

    In the HST 85 mm standard version, the outer part of the threshold is divided by an additional thermal break made of polyamide. A completely innovative technical solution is the composite threshold with polyurethane filling in the HST Premium 85 mm version.

    HST 85 mm FIXFRAME

    A solution that has a very narrow frame in the solid part (FIX). This affects the amount of light coming in and the use of solar energy to heat up the rooms.

    Features of the model


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