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    IDEAL 5000

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    The windows combine modern design with very good technical parameters. System with triple sealing. Also available in a version with a lower frame, thanks to which you can easily light up any room.

    Constructional features

    Windows based on the Ideal 5000 system are 70 mm deep, enabling glazing units up to 41 mm wide. As a standard, the windows are supplemented with a double-glazed unit, but can be successfully replaced by a triple-glazed unit. The replacement will reduce the thermal transmittance coefficient of the window. It is worth remembering that the lower the coefficient, the higher the savings resulting from the charges for thermal energy. An additional element that will allow us to lower the Uw is a warm distance frame. Made of a complex insulating material, they improve the insulation of the glazing and reduce the risk of temporary condensation of water vapor, which can freeze in winter, so ice will appear around the gaskets. Moreover, warm frames are a guarantee of long-term tightness of glazing units and maximization of thermal energy loss savings by reducing the thermal bridge between the profile and the pane.

    Wider profile, triple glazed unit, warm frame - these are the elements that affect not only the thermal insulation but also the acoustic insulation. In order for a window to effectively dampen sounds coming from outside it should be built of a profile at least 70 mm wide. It should also have at least three gaskets. Therefore, the idea of a window protecting against noise perfectly fits the window made in the Ideal 5000 system. The window's acoustics are not less affected by the glazing unit as well. For those looking for soundproof windows we recommend to equip them with special soundproof glass. They provide the highest level of protection against noise.

    The rear look and lighting of the rooms will provide Ideal 5000 Slim. The frame in Slim version can be used both in Soft-line (straight sash) and Round-line (round-line sash). It is 70 mm high. It is lower than the standard one used in this system. The user therefore gains a larger glazing area. An important aspect that may affect the choice of the Slim version of the window may be the fact that the standard version offers steel closed in the frame.

    The basic element that we should take into account when buying windows is the choice of veneer color. The color will undoubtedly give an individual look to our woodwork. All windows made in Ideal 5000 system are available in a wide range of smooth and wood-like colors. We veneer the windows on one side, on both sides and in the formula of a duo-colour.

    The windows made in the basic variant of the Ideal 5000 system can be given an extremely interesting appearance by Aluskin aluminium overlays. This solution, which is still popular in Western European countries, not only gives the windows an individual character, but also increases the thermal and acoustic properties of the windows. Aluskins are also a full range of colors, completely untypical for PVC joinery.

    The safety of our windows is ensured primarily by what is not visible to the naked eye, i.e. its hardware. Windows equipped with more anti-burglary catches, handle rotation lock, anti-drilling plate, hinges with increased strength will make the construction gain optimal protection against burglary. We also offer hardware meeting the conditions of WK1 and WK2 class.

    Windows based on the Ideal 5000 system are equipped with Maco Multi-Matic hardware as standard. However, the selection of the hardware suit depends on individual needs and requirements of the customer. As a standard our window has two anti-theft strikers on the sash and pivots making it difficult to break in with adjustable pressure. An important element is also the internal center pressure. The pressure ensures not only safety but also light functioning of the window sashes. As a standard, all Tilt&Turn window hardware is complemented with a blockade of incorrect handle position, which is integrated with the sash lifter.

    If an alarm is installed in the building, we recommend supplementing the windows with reed switches or alarm loops in the glass. The reed switch, which is a magnetic window opening sensor, will activate the alarm when the window fitting changes its position. The alarm loop will activate the moment the glass is broken or its structure is otherwise disturbed.

    The windows without any obstacles can also be supplemented with safety glass or tempered glass. To take care of security, it is also worth to reach for Hoppe Secustik handles with a key. Handles are equipped with a patented locking mechanism, which increases the security of the window against the so-called intelligent burglary.

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