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    IDEAL 7000

    For whom?

    An excellent proposal for those who are looking for energy-efficient window with high parameters and reasonable price.

    Energy-efficient windows made with the use of state-of-the-art technologies. It is an answer to the growing requirements for thermal insulation of window joinery. The system is equipped with an external gasket.

    Constructional features

    Modern architecture requires new standards in technical, functional and aesthetic areas. Windows created on the basis of the 7000 New system are a completely new approach to energy efficiency. It is also a breakthrough in the production of PVC windows. New possibilities are created by the "powerdur inside" technology, which allows to remove steel reinforcement from the frame. One of the possibilities of this system is replacing the steel reinforcement in the frame with special thermoplastic inserts reinforced with Ultradur High Speed polymer. Elimination of steel from the frame also means elimination of thermal bridges. It is also a possibility to obtain even better parameters of thermal penetration of sections.

    Profiles with an installation depth of 85 mm also provide great opportunities to choose a glazing package. As a standard, windows are equipped with a double-glazing package. However, it is enough to complete the windows with three panes in order to achieve the Uw thermal transmittance coefficient of 0.88W/m2K. For customers who appreciate thermal comfort, we also recommend warm distance frames, which will not only increase the thermal parameters of the glass but also reduce the risk of temporary condensation.

    We also offer to take a look at one of the latest items from our offer. Climaplus 4S glass with a selective coating is a complete innovation which will allow to reduce not only heating bills, but also to reduce expenses related to air conditioning of rooms on warm days. Thanks to a specially constructed coating, the glass allows much less solar energy to pass through, thanks to which it is easy to maintain a pleasant temperature in rooms in summer. In winter, on the other hand, Climaplus 4S will act as a barrier to heat escaping from inside. Glazing is particularly recommended for buildings with large glazing on the southern, south-western and south-eastern sides.


    Class "B" profile,
    6-chamber construction,
    Installation depth 85 mm,
    open steel 1.5 mm thick as standard,
    as a standard, the handle position (RU window) is blocked by an incorrect position of the handle,
    Fitting as standard equipped with two anti-burglary points per sash,
    The Ultradur High Speed reinforcement can be used in the frame,
    on a white and brown or anthracite core,
    system equipped with two gaskets,
    possibility of using a covered fitting,
    Glazing in packages up to 52 mm wide,
    The standard glazing package is 4/16Ar/4th [Ug=1,1]*,
    available in a variant with a straight wing,
    system compatible with the Ideal 8000 system,
    Recommended for energy-efficient construction.

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