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    IDEAL 8000

    For whom?

    Looking for a windows with great parameters. One of of the best Passive windows from Aluplast. Modern design, proven technical solutions is an excellent proposal for those who are looking for windows from top shelf. 

    Quality of profiles and materials used are not compromised. Thoughtful construction and geometry of the profiles, combined with the available technologies ensure excellent statics, long-term preservation of the window functions and trouble-free usage.

    Constructional features

    Glued-in glazing unit - Bonding Inside Technology *

    An obligatory solution in the case of joinery with increased resistance to burglary is the protection of glazing units from being pushed into the interior of the house. Effectively preventing the glass unit from being forced out of the profile and pushed inside the room.

    The glue is applied on the whole perimeter of the contact between the glass pane and the frame which permanently connects them and makes all surfaces of the glass to get the right support at any moment, which is not only beneficial for balancing the stresses arising in the panes of the package, but also stabilizes and keeps within the limits allowed the susceptibility of the section to deformations under the influence of forces arising from external atmospheric factors and operational loads.

    Permanent connection of the glass and the sash, reduces the risk of twisting, bending and settling of the sash, thus extending the lifetime of the sash without the need to adjust it.

    Special sash construction allows application of aluplast bonding inside technology * to secure stability even larger windows.

    *Adjusted technology is optional.

    Centre seal fin

    Thanks to the implementation of an additional, central fin, sealing the construction of the window on its perimeter, the so-called dry chamber in which the fittings are working. Isolating the mechanisms from external conditions significantly increases their life.

    Burglary protection

    MD aluplast systems are one of the few systems on the market with the so-called "classical middle seal". A special extradited middle seal, to which a third, internal seal is firmly attached, ensures better tightness of the entire structure, improves thermal and acoustic properties, as well as makes it difficult to balance the sash, blocking the possibility of access to the fittings.

    A mandatory solution in the case of joinery with increased resistance to burglary is to secure glazing packages against pushing them into the room. In this case, the technology available in the IDEAL 8000 system for gluing "bonding inside" glass is helpful, thanks to the perimeter gap with glue, which permanently connects the pane with the profile, we effectively prevent the pane from being pushed out of the sash.

    Features of the model

    • Uf value up to 1.0 W/m²K possible
    • centre gasket system with three sealing levels for increased burglar resistance
    • glazing thickness in recessed sash up to 51 mm
    • glazing thickness in semi-recessed 
    • design variety in the sash
    • tested burglar resistance class RC2
    • excellent sound insulation up to noise insulation class IV

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