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    MB-60E / MB-60US / MB-60US HI /

    For whom?

    Mostly a great solution to usage in public buildings. Very interesting technical solution, with the possibility of adapting to individual needs. The disadvantage of using windows in residential areas is their poor isolation parameters.

    Constructional features

    The system is used for performing demanding thermal and acoustic insulation elements of architectural exterior development. It can be used for various Window versions: among others, windows with the so-called hidden sash MB-60US, MB-60 pivot windows Pivot and windows in Industrial version, i.e. with the so-called "steel-like" appearance, available there are also anti-burglary windows and doors.

    MB-60US / MB-60US HI

    Windows have wings invisible from the outside. In a number of neighboring with each other, fixed and opening windows cannot be distinguished the location of these fields.

    Windows made of elements of this system have invisible sashes from the outside. In the development of adjacent fixed and openable windows it is not possible to distinguish the position of these fields. The width of window frames in the view from the outside of the building is small, thanks to which the construction creates the impression of slim and light.

    Each structure built in the MB-60 US system, intended for installation in exterior buildings, must have an effective system of water drainage and ventilation from the pane chamber and from the chamber between the casement and frame. Ventilation and drainage holes on the outside are covered with plastic covers.

    This system has a version with increased thermal insulation MB-60US HI. The increase in thermal insulation is achieved by placing special inserts in the central chambers of aluminium profiles, which, thanks to the low value of the heat conduction coefficient, reduce the flow of heat through the structure, at the same time limiting convection and thermal radiation in them.

    Burglar-proof constructions can also be made on the basis of this system.

    MB-60E / MB-60E HI

    The system is used to make doors and window sets with the door. It allows to obtain structures with good usable properties, at the same time ensuring an economical level of production costs and convenience and shortening installation time.

    Sections with 3-chamber construction have a construction depth of 60 mm. The surfaces of the door leaves are flush with the frame in both external and internal view. Glazing sets and other fillings used in the MB-60E system may be from 5 mm to 41 mm thick; their fixing with the use of gaskets with the so-called precut eliminates the number of cuts to a minimum and ensures high tightness.

    The system allows the use of fittings, locks, and hinges typical of European standards. Thanks to the appropriate construction of profiles, it is possible to use surface locks and bolts - fast both in assembly and in possible replacement.
    MB-60E is an economical product, its thermal insulating power is not inferior to the basic MB-60 system. An important advantage of the new product is also the possibility to bend profiles, which allows to make various types of arches and arch constructions.

    Sites of the MB-60E system can be made in the version with improved thermal insulation properties of MB-60E HI. The increase in thermal insulation is achieved by placing special inserts in central chambers of aluminium profiles for frames and lacings, which, thanks to the low value of the heat conduction coefficient, reduce the flow of heat through the structure, while limiting convection and thermal radiation.

    Features of the model

    - a variety of functions and ways to open windows, adapted to users' needs
    - various aesthetic solutions offered by windows with hidden sash, a version with a "steel-like" appearance Industrial and the glazing beads of three kinds: Standard, Prestige, Styles
    - 1 or 2-leaf doors, opening outwards or inwards, also available in large constructions
    - possibility to bend profiles and build curved windows
    - installation in individual buildings or in aluminium facades
    - aesthetic connections to facades
    - anti-burglary windows and doors
    - possibility of constructing two-colour constructions: profiles may have a different colour on the outside and a different colour on the inside

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