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    Window system with thermal break MB-FERROLINE is perfectly suitable for renovation of historic buildings and helps to preserve the appropriate appearance of windows, which can imitate steel joinery, whilst ensuring the very good technical performance of the construction.

    Constructional features

    The system enables the fabrication of various types of highly resistant, inward opening windows (side-hung, hopper, tilt-and-turn windows), outward opening windows (side-hung and top hung windows), and fixed windows of excellent water resistance, airtightness, and sound insulation performance.

    Several types of profile appearance are offered. Renovation frames available within the system enable for installation of new constructions without having to disassemble the old frames, and there is no risk of damage to the surrounding wall. The adjusted, visible width of aluminum profiles makes the old and new windows look virtually identical. Based on reliable solutions and offering a whole range of appropriately shaped new profiles, MB-FERROLINE enables the fabrication of constructions that fit the appearance of the building.

    Features and benefits:

    • classical appearance
    • MB-86-based technical solutions ensure excellent thermal protection of the construction, profiles come in two versions with different thermal insulation performance: ST and SI
    • high resistance to water & air infiltration
    • wide range of glazing up to 61.5 mm
    • application of the typical euro grooves enable the installation of most of the available fittings offered by major companies


    • Depth of frame 77 mm – 110 mm
    • Depth of leaf 86 mm – 93,5 mm
    • Glazing range: frame / leaf 13,5 mm – 61,5 mm
    • Air Permeability class 4, EN 12207
    • Watertightness to class E1350
    • Wind load resistance EN 12208 to class C5
    • Thermal insulation EN 12210 Uf from1,5 W/(m2K)

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