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    Aluminum sliding system. An extremely modern system of lightweight and energy-saving sliding doors. Modernslide can be used to design an extremely aesthetic solution, which is Galandage. Thanks to this solution, the sliding sashes can be almost completely hidden in the wall of the building and thus increase the light of the passage to the maximum when the sashes are opened.

    Constructional features

    Modernslide system is a system with increased thermal insulation, designed for designing sliding structures. The available solutions allow the design of two, three or even four-track structures, which gives flexibility in the design of the building facade. The maximum weight of the structure wing is 250 kg in this case. Despite such high weight, the system looks extremely slim, light and modern.

    Modernslide can be used to design a Monoblock solution. Monoblock sliding structures are mounted in the insulation layer, which is located inside the rooms.

    An extremely interesting and unprecedented in any other sliding system solution is Galandage. This solution allows to almost completely hide the sliding wings in the wall of the building. Thanks to this, it is possible to maximize the light of the passage after opening the wings of the structure.

    The width of the connection of two wings of the structure is only 35 mm. Connecting profiles are available in 3 versions to meet different strength requirements.

    system with thermal breaker,
    frame depth - from 73 to 196 mm,
    Wing depth - 44 mm,
    Glazing in packages of 24, 28 or 32 mm,
    The standard glazing package is 4/16Ar/4th [Ug=1.1],
    three-chamber profile design,
    possibility to design a Monoblock window,
    Galandage solution allows hiding the sliding wings in the wall of the building,
    maximum weight of the construction sash - up to 250 kg,
    possibility of building two-color structures,
    possibility of designing 2,3,4-track structures.

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