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    Multi Slide

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    Low-cost solution in uPVC Sliding Systems. The best to use in small rooms, where it is not possible to use balcony windows with sash. It is an extraordinary space-saving. One of the proposals is the cost-effective Multi Slide system.

    Constructional features

    Installation depth - 80 (Aluplast colours), 96 mm or 170 mm (veneer or cream only),
    Glazing in packages from 4 to 33 mm wide,
    maximum sash weight - 60 kg
    maximum sash sizes - 700 x 2300 mm or 1300 x 1950 mm,
    maximum size of the sliding door - 3200 x 2200 mm*,
    The standard glazing package is 4/16Ar/4th [Ug=1.1]**,
    number of running tracks - 2 or 3,
    possibility of veneering duo-colour,
    a simple wing shifting function,
    the use of brush seals at the contact of sash with frame and between sashes.

    Sliding doors made on the basis of the Multi Slide system are optimal thermal protection, which is guaranteed, among others, by the possibility of glazing packages up to 33 mm wide.

    With Multi Slide it is possible to produce sliding doors with a maximum size of 3200x2200 mm. The use of a special frame profile, which serves as an additional running track, makes it possible to make the Multi Slide construction. Thanks to this, an effect similar to a folding door can be achieved, where several sashes, when opened, slide over one of the outermost sections, creating one, not divided, passage light.

    The sashes of windows based on the Multi Slide system move on two or three tracks. The sliding carts are equipped with high quality leveling pads for PVC systems, side supports and a support to relieve the load on the carts' rolls. The elements ensure long-term operation of the trolleys and avoid blocking the system.

    Opening Solutions

    Choose a scheme

    Scheme "A" - two wings, one of which is a running wing.
    Scheme "C" - four wings, two of which are running wings.
    Scheme "D" - two wings, both of which are running wings.


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