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    Panorama Fold line

    For whom?

    A technologically advanced system designed for the production of folding doors. The system consists of thermally insulated aluminium sections, thanks to which it not only fulfils an aesthetic function but also constitutes a good thermal insulator.

    Constructional features

    A technologically advanced system of sliding, folding terrace doors. The elements of the sashes are moved to the left or right. The sashes can be located both inside and outside the room after they have been extended.

    The system enables the use of 2 to 8 sashes. The sashes slide on rails on which the whole mechanism is guided. Smooth and easy door operation is ensured by specially designed, steel rollers. A complete innovation here is the absence of a movable post. The sashes are connected with each other with system hardware. The applied solution gives the structure a lighter, more modern look and allows to open more space.

    The Panorama system is available in two threshold versions - continuation of the frame used at the top and sides or a low threshold sunk in the floor. The use of high quality EPDM gaskets and brushes effectively protect against harmful weather conditions.


    system with thermal break,
    The frame installation depth is 74.5 mm,
    Installation depth of the sash - 74.5 mm,
    Glazing in packages - from 16 to 50 mm,
    The standard glazing unit is 4/16Ar/4th [Ug=1,1]*,
    three-chamber profile construction,
    width of the thermal break - 24 mm,
    maximum width of the structure - 5.5 m,
    maximum sash width - 1000 mm,
    maximum sash height - 2500 mm,
    possibility of building two-colour structures,
    possibility of painting in full RAL palette,
    Two-colour structures can be made,
    sealing in the form of EPDM gaskets and brushes,
    The system is available in two threshold versions - as a continuation of the frame or a low threshold.

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