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    3d window model view

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    Excellent insulation properties by using middle gaskets

    For whom?

    It is an offer for people who are looking for the best possible uPVC windows. You are getting passive (energy - saver) windows with a great parameters (Uw 0.78 W/m2K). Extremely warm (3 gaskets) with 6 chambers solution, 80 mm depth of frame. 

    If you want to have windows which fulfill the most requiring expectations from the user and you still think about good price for passive windows. This is the best choice.

    Perfectherm is a line of modern windows manufactured to the highest standards.

    Two window sash forms, straight and rounded, are the perfect design choices for contemporary building architecture. The Perfectherm windows make buildings look light and refined.

    The six-chamber profiles with 80 mm in installation depth and 48 mm triple glazing units with thermally insulated glass spacers provide a U-value of 0.78 W/m²K.

    The three gaskets in the window frame and the sash provide excellent thermal insulation and airtightness.

    Class-A thick window profiles, multi-point locking fixtures from a highly acclaimed manufacturer, MACO and in the 5th and highest corrosion resistance class, and very large bracing profiles guarantee reliable operation for many years.

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