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    PONZIO SL 1600TT Lift & Slide System

    Constructional features

    • Lift and slide system, thermally insulated, designed for external installation elements
    • Profile construction allows for large-size structures, even 8-wing ones
    • The structural depth of the sections is 67 mm for the sash and 160 mm for 2-track frames, 247 mm for 3-track frames
    • The system allows the use of 12 - 51 mm thick fillings
    • It is characterized by high tightness to weather conditions
    • Depending on the application of the insulating inserts, the system has different variants: SL 1600TT, SL 1600TT HI
    • Low threshold door (20 mm high) possible corner connection with movable post
    • Maximum sash weight, standard version up to 300 kg, with additional bogies up to 400 kg
      Automatic drives can be used


    A variant of the Lift & Slide system SL1600tt designed for structures with particularly high thermal insulation requirements.
    In the PLUS version, the Uf heat transfer coefficient is from 2.1 W/m2K, and in the warmest HI version, the frame heat transfer coefficient Uf is from 1.8 W/m2K.
    The structural depth of the sections is 67 mm for sashes, and 160 mm for double track frames, 247 mm for three-track frames. The construction of profiles allows for making stable structures of large dimensions, even 8-sash ones, with very high sash weight.
    There is a possibility to use fillings up to 51 mm thick in the system.


    - several "insulation" options are possible (Standard, PLUS version, HI version),
    - high tightness of the system to weather conditions.

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