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    roller garage doors

    Constructional features

    All roller shutter doors are equipped with a drive as standard.

    The door curtain is rolled up on a roller shaft hidden in a box, which saves space under the ceiling.


    • The curtain is made of aluminum profiles filled with CFC-free polyurethane foam.
    • A chamber rubber gasket is mounted in the bottom extreme profile, which is close to the ground.
    • The curtain moves along the aluminum vertical rails and is wound up on a winding shaft.
    • Aluminum rails mounted along the side edges of the hole.
    • Rails equipped with brush seals.
    • Tubular actuator mounted in winding shaft


      1. The curtain lock on the BR-77s prevents the curtain from being raised from the outside.
      2. Safety is ensured by photoelectric sensors and a safety edge strip. If an obstacle is encountered, the door curtain moves back to the open position.
      3. The ferrets ensure the distance between the profiles when the door curtain is rolled up, so that the door is quiet and the life of the panels is significantly extended.
      4. Emergency opening of the door from the inside in case of power failure, the door can be opened manually using a crank in the door (A) BR-77s and in the door (B) BR-77 E and BR-100 E.
      5. Emergency opening of the door from the outside by means of a special crank, is used in case of lack of an additional entrance to the garage.
      6. Two types of profiles - 77 and 100 mm

      Installation dimensions

      Installation dimensions and their markings needed for proper selection and installation of WIŚNIOWSKI sectional garage doors.

      So - hole width, order dimension,
      Sj - width of the entrance light after the gate has been installed,
      Ho - hole height, order dimension,
      Hj - the height of the entrance light after the gate has been installed,
      N - the minimum required lintel,
      W1 - the minimum required side space,
      W2 - the minimum required side space,
      E - the minimum depth of the garage with free space under the ceiling,
      LS - drive rail length.

      Panel pattern


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