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    S 8000

    For whom?

    A proposal for those looking for a low-cost solid solution. The windows have affordable technical parameters. Modern look. Ideal for use in areas with warm winters or excellent to install in unheated rooms.

    Constructional features

    Six-chamber system S 8000 IQ with 74 mm depth fulfils all requirements for modern window technology: 

    • has good thermal insulation properties 
    • effective protection against noise and burglars 
    • Improved room air conditioning and increased living comfort thanks to GECCO's patented ventilation system, it guarantees regular indoor and outdoor air exchange 
    • available in a wide range of acryliccolor and veneers (colored and wood-like) 

    Features of the model

    • outside: classic contours with rounded edges
    • excellent thermal insulation owing to the 6-chamber of constructions
    • double glazing
    • high statics thanks to the large reinforcements, frame and sahes
    • stable steel reinforcements ensure optimum stiffness and allow the construction of large windows

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