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    S 9000

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    Modern technological solution [Glued-in pane technology (dry STV®) , Insulation IKD®] - in standard. 6 chambers, 3 panes, good parameters and affordable price. Excellent choice for those who are looking for optimal windows.

    Constructional features

    Glued-in pane technology (dry STV®)

    The patented GEALAN STV® technology (dry bonding of the pane) is based on permanent bonding of the glazing unit and the sash with a special adhesive tape, while leaving the classic locking. Gluing the glazing unit to the sash causes the stiffness of the glass to be transferred to the sash and therefore the whole system achieves greater stability. This allows windows of standard sizes to be produced completely without steel reinforcements. However, using STV® together with the standard steel reinforcement, you can produce windows with increased dimensions.

    Insulation IKD®

    GEALAN is a pioneer in the field of manufacturing profiles with foam filling and was the first system provider to introduce various profiles (main and accessories) with foam filling into its offer in 2010.

    GEALAN uses IKD® technology in all systems, in various profiles, including the latest ones. Such targeted measures are aimed at improving thermal insulation.

    With IKD®, GEALAN customers can produce windows that fulfil the highest thermal insulation requirements in an optimized, economical way.

    Thanks to the use of STV® technology in IKD® profiles in white windows of standard dimensions, the steel reinforcement in the sash can be completely eliminated. This means lighter windows, cheaper transport and easier installation.

      IKD® profiles made in STV® technology at the same time make it difficult to break down the window due to the hard foam core and the permanent bonding of the glass to the sash faceplate.

      Window construction

      • High stability and innovative sash construction thanks to innovative STV® technology (dry bonding of the glazing
      • Coating on the windows (colour): The outer layer of acrylic glass provides high scratch resistance and the perfectly smooth surface of the acryliccolor profiles facilitates window care and requires no maintenance
      • Maximum thermal insulation. Deeper installation of the glazing thanks to elevated glazing bead with a height of 26 mm and a higher header eliminates the formation of thermal bridges
        on the edge of the glazing pack and beneficially affects the thermal insulation
      • Additional third gasket improves thermal insulation

      Features of the model

      • Possibility of using triple-glazed units up to 54 mm deep
      • Consistent system of gaskets arrangement in three planes
      • Low profiles and 15° design bevel
      • Optimised for STV® technology (dry bonding)
      • Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation thanks to six-chamber construction and increased width of the frame and sash (82.5 mm)

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