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    Standard plus class - VELUX

    More than Standard. It's Standard Plus

    • Three-pane glazing units as standard
    • Opening adapted to your needs – top/bottom (+electric control as option)
    • Additional seal
    • Much better insulation parameters (Uw 1.1 W/m²K)
    • Combining windows into combi sets (side-by-side windows) and vertical and sloping combinations (vertical window is an extension of a roof window)

    Wooden windows with top or bottom opening

    Centre-pivot window made from glued laminated pine, impregnated and lacquered in the innovative ThermoTechnology™ construction (construction based on high quality wood combined with highly insulating EPS material, provides great insulation parameters and lower energy bills). Aluminum grip at the top, integrated with the ventilation system and additional seal integrated in the ventilation opening grip.

    Wooden-polyurethane windows, with top or bottom opening

    Centre-pivot window made in wooden core technology, pressure coated with polyurethane, in white color, with energy-saving pane. Recommended for rooms with high humidity, e.g. bathrooms, kitchens.

    Advantages of Standard Plus class:

    • The highest 4th tightness class
    • Energy-saving pane
    • Impregnated and lacquered glued wood
    • Integrated ventilation
    • Integrated dust and insect filter
    • Additional seal
    • Sash rotates 180° from inside – Allows easy and convenient cleaning
    • Protection against the possibility of opening by children or strong wind thanks to the bar located in the top part of the sash
    • Ventilation bar lets fresh air into your home even when roof window is closed.
    • Efficient ventilation integrated with opening grip
    • The filter can be easily removed and either washed or replaced
    • Opening, closing, airing without having to bend down
    • Convenient, even with furniture placed beneath the roof window
    • Layer glued leaf and pine frame with impregnated and covered with clear acrylic lacquer surface, maintenance-free for many years of use
    • Standard mounted grip for easy and quick installation of blinds and shutters in the Pick & Click® system
    • The energy-saving three-pane glazing unit
    • Easy installation of the VELUX INTEGRA® electric control in the io-homecontrol® system with the motor hidden under the ventilation flap
    • Combi sets. Any combination of two or more roof windows is a great way to open space. It creates a spacious feeling by widening the view outside and increasing the amount of natural daylight.
    • Even a 20-year VELUX warranty; details on the website  (CLICK HERE)

    Windows models designation:

    • GLL 1061 (glued wood) – top opening
    • GLL 1061B (glued wood) – bottom opening
    • GLU 0061 (wooden core covered with polyurethane) - top opening 
    • GLU 0061B (wooden core covered with polyurethane) - bottom opening


    • 10 years basic warranty for the window
    • 15 years for steel hardware in the windows
    • 20 years for panes
    • 20 years warranty for windows installed with the BDX insulation kit after completing and sending the extension questionnaire to VELUX Polska (WARRANTY CONDITIONS)

    The VELUX name and the VELUX logo are registered trademarks of VKR Holding A/S.


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