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    Streamline 76

    For whom?

    A perfect choice for those who appreciate elegance and comfort. Windows created on the basis of Streamline 76 system combine maximum safety, high thermal and acoustic insulation. Resistant to external factors, characterized by intense, white colour.

    Constructional features

    The safety of windows depends on really many factors. The first and one of the most important is undoubtedly the selection of the hardware suit. In the production of windows in Streamline 76 system we use Multi-Matic hardware, the best solution from the offer of recognized Austrian manufacturer - Maco company.

    Already in standard, the windows are equipped with four anti-burglary points on the sash, pivots that hinder burglary with pressure adjustment and a lock of incorrect handle position. An important role is also played here by the internal middle pressure. The pressure ensures not only safety, but also tightness and light functioning of the window sashes. At the customer's request, we can arm the window so that it meets the conditions for WK1 or WK2 class.

    In buildings which are particularly vulnerable to burglary, we recommend installing reed switches or an alarm loop in the pane. Reed switches are magnetic motion detectors. In this case, already a slight shift of the peripheral fitting will trigger an alarm. The alarm loop will activate when the glass is broken or another damage to its structure occurs.


    Class "B" profile,
    5-chamber construction,
    installation depth 76 mm,
    as a standard, the handle (RU window) is locked incorrectly,
    Micro ventilation in a stay (RU windows) as standard,
    Fitting in standard equipped with 6 anti-burglary points per sash,
    system equipped with two gaskets,
    open steel of 1.5 mm thickness as standard,
    on a white, brown and caramel core,
    Available in a variant with Classic-line or Round-line wing,
    Glazing in packages up to 49 mm wide,
    The standard glazing package is 4/16Ar/4th [Ug=1,1]*,
    Possibility of using aluminium caps,
    possibility to make windows with a renovation frame,
    possibility to use covered hinges.


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