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    swing garage doors

    Constructional features

    Swing doors are the most economical way to close a garage. The guarantee of low price and reliable operation is the use of simple and proven solutions.


    • Frame and sash made of galvanized steel sections, without thermal barrier
    • The sash is filled with galvanized steel sheet - trapezoid T-10, with a vertical, horizontal and slanting arrangement of the filling
    • The door frame elements are connected to each other by means of bolted connections
    • Sash opening limiter
    • Foot stopping uncontrolled movement in the closing direction
    • Hinge stop - prevents the sash from falling down


    • The hinge limiter protects against possible balancing of the leaf.
    • The opening limiter controls the movement of the door leaf against excessive opening.
    • The foot protects the open door against uncontrolled closing.
    • The bolted connections ensure the durability of the entire structure, which is made of galvanized steel sections.
    • The door in the version with insulation can be ordered in order to improve thermal insulation of the garage.
    • Self-latching bolts mounted at four points (top and bottom of the leaf) provide safety against unauthorized opening of the door.

    Installation dimensions

    Installation dimensions and their markings needed for proper selection and installation of WIŚNIOWSKI sectional garage doors.

    So - hole width, order dimension,
    Sj - width of the entrance light after the gate has been installed,
    Ho - hole height, order dimension,
    Hj - the height of the entrance light after the gate has been installed,
    N - the minimum required lintel,
    W1 - the minimum required side space,
    W2 - the minimum required side space,
    E - the minimum depth of the garage with free space under the ceiling,
    LS - drive rail length.

    Panel pattern



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