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    The system is designed for designing Lift&Slide doors. Available in a version with increased thermal insulation. Recommended both for installation in public facilities and residential buildings.

    Constructional features

    System, thanks to its construction, allows for the production of large, yet stable Lift&Slide doors. The maximum weight of the leaf is 400 kg and the maximum width of the leaf is 3200 mm.

    The profiles allow the assembly of both single and double-chamber packages. They can have three, five or seven-chamber construction, thanks to which they meet the latest thermal insulation requirements. The system uses a thermal break, which is made of aluminium and glass fibre addition. Thermal separators can be 22 or 28 mm wide. Apart from the basic system version, the Ultraglide is also available in UG i and UG i+.

    It is worth mentioning that on the basis of a two-track system it is possible to build two, three or even four-element constructions. An additional advantage is the possibility of installing mosquito nets (Flyscreen system). Lift and slide doors built on the basis of the Ultraglide system can be in any colour from the RAL palette, our range of structural, wood-like or anodised colours.


    system with thermal break,
    frame installation depth - from 153 to 239 mm,
    Installation depth of the sash - 67 mm,
    Glazing in packages of 14 to 52 mm,
    The standard glazing package is 4/16Ar/4th [Ug=1,1]*,
    3, 5 and 7-chamber door frame,
    width of the thermal break - 22 and 28 mm,
    thermal insert with the addition of fibreglass,
    maximum wing width 3200 mm,
    maximum sash height 3300 mm,
    possibility of building two-colour structures,
    maximum weight of the sash - 400 kg,
    available system options - version UG, UG i, UG i+,
    The possibility of installing the Flyscreen system,
    possibility to produce doors with a low threshold.

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