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    UniPro sectional garage doors

    Constructional Features

    UniPro combines precise workmanship and attention to detail with a huge range of designs, structures, colors and decorative applications. Thanks to this, UniPro doors can be selected both for modern buildings and traditional buildings. Thanks to many structural solutions, they are used in both new and modernized buildings, where other types of gates previously operated. At the same time, they retain all their functions and parameters required to close the garage, so they are counted among the most universal solutions for garage doors.

    • door leaf made of 40 mm steel panels filled with CFC-free polyurethane foam
      construction from galvanized steel elements
    • the door leaf moves along vertical and horizontal overhead guides
      door sealed all around
    • in the lower panel, a gasket is installed close to the ground
    • sealing between the upper panel and the lintel is provided by a gasket fitted to the upper panel or fixed to the lintel
    • the panels are equipped with shape protection to prevent fingers from being trapped and seals at the point of contact between the two panels
    • sectional doors available in manual and automatic versions

    Types of driving

    1. Sp

    Torsion springs mounted at the front at the lintel, door with double horizontal tracks

    2. St

    Torsion springs mounted at the end of the horizontal tracks, door with double horizontal tracks

    3. Sj

    Front-mounted torsion springs at the lintel, door with single horizontal tracks

    4. SpA

    Angled track, torsion springs mounted at the front at the lintel

    5. StA

    Angled steering, torsion springs mounted at the end of diagonal guides

    6. N

    Tension springs, door with double horizontal tracks

    Safety - System of shields and sensors

    Multiple modern protection systems for structural elements and mechanical parts.

    • Specially profiled panels
    • Wire breakage protection - standard for double garage doors
    • Integrated spring breakage protection
    • Profile 2-blade seal
    • Overload protection for automatic door
    • Sensors - additional option

    Installation dimensions

    Installation dimensions and their markings needed for proper selection and installation of WIŚNIOWSKI sectional garage door.

    So - hole width, order dimension,
    Sj - width of the entrance light after the gate has been installed,
    Ho - hole height, order dimension,
    Hj - the height of the entrance light after the gate has been installed,
    N - the minimum required lintel,
    W1 - the minimum required side space,
    W2 - the minimum required side space,
    E - the minimum depth of the garage with free space under the ceiling,
    LS - drive rail length.

    The drive and control

    • EASY PROGRAMMING - LCD display and the possibility to configure many parameters
    • OPTICAL SECURITY SYSTEM - the system provides optimum protection in the event of an obstruction between system components
    • DETERMINATION OF WORKS - overload protection in the event of contact between the lower edge of the leaf and an obstacle, stops the door leaf and then moves it upwards
    • ROLLING WITH THIS TOOTH BAND - ensures quiet and smooth operation, which is extremely important especially in garages connected directly to the residential building and located close to the bedroom
    • RTS RADIO ROAD - A perfect solution based on innovative Somfy technology allows for installation and expansion of the drive system without the need to interfere with the wall structure. Therefore, it is an ideal solution not only for new construction but above all for modernization or renovation. Intuitive programming and application of the display allows to adjust operating parameters and appropriate configuration of functions
      Emergency power supply accumulator - it enables opening and closing the door in case of power failure
    • Built-in SIGNALISATION LAMP MECHANICAL TRAVEL LOCK - locks the door in the closed position, prevents unauthorized opening of the garage door

    Smart Connected

    The gate can be controlled from anywhere with a smartphone.

    Panel pattern


    RAL and wooden-like

    Colors Golden Oak, Nut, Anthracite and RAL colors available for panel G and W (without embossing and high embossing).


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