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    Viscoglide Plus

    For whom?

    The sliding door system recommended for energy-efficient construction. Possibility to build two or three-track structures. A characteristic feature of Visoglide Plus is the extremely narrow labyrinth post.

    Constructional features

    Visoglide Plus is a system consisting of three-chamber thermally insulated profiles. The system is designed to build sliding systems, lift and slide systems (with high or low threshold). The structure can consist of six elements and move on two or three tracks. Especially recommended for use as an exit to the terrace, balcony or garden.

    The door leaves move thanks to special trolleys, which are placed under the moving elements. This prevents the structure from hanging up. The door has a brush seal.

    The door is equipped with an extremely narrow labyrinth post (in sliding and lift-and-slide sashes) of 34 mm width. Wide range of sill profiles (with hidden drainage) and angle profiles available.


    system with thermal breaker,
    wing depth 51 mm,
    Standard frame depth 117.7 mm,
    Special frame depth 125.4 mm,
    depth of the monorail 141.6 mm,
    Glazing in packages of 6 to 36 mm,
    The standard glazing package is 4/16Ar/4th [Ug=1.1],
    three-chamber profile design,
    Extremely narrow labyrinth post - 34 mm,
    possibility of building two-color structures,
    maximum sash weight up to 250 kg with the sliding system,
    maximum sash weight up to 200 kg with the Lift & Slide system,
    possibility of designing two- or three-track structures.

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